• 2016 BMW 118I

    24 customer reviews
    Appearance / Style
    Safety Features
    Fuel Economy
    Power / Performance
    Space / Room / Storage

Comment Highlights (4)

  • Feb 2022
    Really great to drive ! Could not be happier
    —Aimee M - 2016 BMW 118i
  • Nov 2021
    My daughter loves her BMW118i and the length of the vehicle in regards to parking.
    —Lynette P - 2016 BMW 118i SPORT
  • Oct 2020
    No cruise control and no front parking censor ,that was a bummer. Apart from that very satisfied
    —Kasun M - 2016 BMW 118i
  • Dec 2018
    New engine 3 cylinder turbo so very fuel efficient but has power when needed very good on road compared to older models
    —Peter H - 2016 BMW 118i


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