• 2005 Mazda ATENZA

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  • Sep 2018
    Awesome car lots of space in the boot and the factory stereo is awesome
    —JOSEPHINE H - 2005 Mazda Atenza 6
  • Jul 2018
    Good condition and smooth to drive
    —FRIENDS T - 2005 Mazda Atenza Wagon
  • Jul 2018
    Its a good car.
    —FUNGANIFA F - 2005 Mazda Atenza 6
  • May 2018
    So nice to drive
    —Sharaine P - 2005 Mazda Atenza Sport Leather Cruise
  • Apr 2018
    Good as.
    —Nicholas G - 2005 Mazda Atenza 23S Manual
  • Mar 2018
    just love it
    —Ngaio M - 2005 Mazda Atenza WAGON
  • Mar 2018
    Runs very smoothly and is very comfortable to be do long trips lots of space.
    —Matthew P - 2005 Mazda Atenza
  • Feb 2018
    Definately enjoy driving the car i purchased it just under a week and its done a few hundred ks, have no complaimts about the purchase
    —Elaine O - 2005 Mazda Atenza
  • Jan 2018
    It's a very good car. Better than our precious car (Nissan skyline) way cheaper on gas and has a few hidden departments in the car that are cool 🤣 👍
    —JAZZ L - 2005 Mazda Atenza 6
  • Dec 2017
    Love my car! Very spacious inside and the boot is a bonus - one of the main reasons why I bought this car. $50 worth of petrol goes a long way.
    —Rayna J - 2005 Mazda Atenza Sport
  • Oct 2017
    Great spacious and modern car, no blind spots and all around reliable even with higher ks. A lot of "up and go" at the higher speeds (100ks). Perfect long distance vehicle.
    —hayden E - 2005 Mazda Atenza
  • Oct 2017
    Great family car. The car seats fit well in the back and the boot is big enough for the pram and everything else. It has isofix for the cars seats and is great on fuel.
    —Elizabeth H - 2005 Mazda Atenza 2.3l
  • Sep 2017
    Such a good car, really happy with the purchase
    —Taylor E - 2005 Mazda Atenza
  • Sep 2017
    Comfy, roomy, economical, real smooth ride Happy with purchase.
    —Jonathan B - 2005 Mazda Atenza
  • Sep 2017
    Economic and a nice car, really enjoying it.
    —Timothy M - 2005 Mazda Atenza WAGON 23S
  • Jul 2017
    Awesome car very fast but reliable lots of room for the family huge boot space love the 6spd manual economical on fuel very comfortable for long trips
    —Scott P - 2005 Mazda Atenza Mazda Speed MPS *6 Speed Manual*
  • Jun 2017
    Lovely to drive smooth cheap to run and very roomy
    —Steven W - 2005 Mazda Atenza
  • Jun 2017
    Great car with plenty of space for the family.
    —Alastair F - 2005 Mazda Atenza 23S Stationwagon
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