• 2005 Mazda ATENZA

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  • Jul 2023
    Feels great to drive, seems good on the gas too.
    —Ross G - 2005 Mazda Atenza SPORT WAGON
  • Jun 2023
    Good size boot for carrying around a stroller etc
    —Emma H - 2005 Mazda Atenza
  • Jun 2023
    Fair fuel economy, considering power
    —Michael C - 2005 Mazda Atenza
  • Mar 2023
    I’ve owned one of these before, very good a reliable car, great bang for buck
    —DYLAN K - 2005 Mazda Atenza
  • Feb 2023
    Nice to drive. Good on fuel. Sensitive with accelerating.
  • Dec 2022
    Absolutely awesome, practical car with just enough style.
    —ANGUS K - 2005 Mazda Atenza **LOW KMS**
  • Sep 2022
    Good reliable vehicle economical and drive well
    —David C - 2005 Mazda Atenza 2.3 Sport
  • Aug 2022
    I’m having wonderful experience with this Mazda Atenza. As this is my first time using Mazda so I’ll say it was not bad idea to go for it. The car is so good to handle at the corners and sharp turns. Overall exterior and interior design is amazing. It will be just a little trouble for the short people to close the rear big boot 😁
    —Mushfiqur R - 2005 MAZDA ATENZA 23S
  • Jul 2022
    These are a drivers car and geared towards our more passionate motorists. If you're looking for something that is 4WD (FWD Biased in this car) turbocharged in a 6 speed manual for half the price basically of an EVO or STI of similar condition. The MazdaSpeed6 is for you.
    —Mokotua M - 2005 Mazda Atenza 2300
  • Apr 2022
    It is a lovely car, very nice and spacious
    —Kyle M - 2005 Mazda Atenza 2.3S Sport Wagon Auto
  • Jan 2022
    —Harry H - 2005 Mazda Atenza MazdaSpeed
  • Nov 2021
    The car has some very nice features such as the sunroof. It has power when you need it and it has a very polished interior
    —Tobruk G - 2005 Mazda Atenza
  • Nov 2021
    —William M - 2005 Mazda Atenza SPORT
  • Jun 2021
    Its fantastic car i love it
    —sitiveni L - 2005 Mazda Atenza
  • May 2021
    —Jose D - 2005 Mazda Atenza Sedan
  • May 2021
    I got this car for my son and his little family. It was within our budget. Recommend as a first car.
    —DANNELL T - 2005 Mazda Atenza 2.3L SportHatch Sunroof
  • Apr 2021
    Previously owned one and never had issues with it.
    —Denna K - 2005 Mazda Atenza
  • Apr 2021
    happy with vehicle, needed a car to get around
    —Wigan M - 2005 Mazda Atenza 23S
  • Apr 2021
    I wanted safety (having my kids in the car) fuel efficiency and power on the road.
    —Roxanne S - 2005 Mazda Atenza 23S
  • Apr 2021
    Great car
    —Joanne W - 2005 Mazda Atenza
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